EZway 2010

‘Resource Track’ is an automated Human Resource Information System, designed to eliminate the tedious clerical work common to most personnel departments. Resource Track enables quick responses to management, employee, and government requests with accurate and professional computer-generated reports. Resource Track saves time by placing all the employee information at the users’ finger tips and not within piles of paper and with it’s built in e-mail capability it makes communicating with employees and supervisors even easier.

Technically ‘Resource Track’ is a comprehensive system for the Human Resources Department with the following functionality:

  •      • Attendance Tracking
  •      • Benefit Administration
  •      • Payroll Interfaces
  •      • Time Clock Interfaces
  •      • Built-In E-Mailing
  •      • Follow-Up Note Reminders

A VoIP network uses VoIP gateways to perform the traditional CODEC functions (the analog-to-digital conversion of voice traffic) and to create voice IP packets. The “EZway 2010” gateway provides the necessary interface for transporting voice content over the IP network and is the source of VoIP bearer traffic for that IP network. Typically, the gateway converts each conversation or call into a single IP session that can be transported by a RTP that runs over User Datagram Protocol (UDP). This gateway also provides optional features, such as analog and digital voice compression, echo cancellation, silence suppression, and statistics gathering.

This gateway can be installed on any PC and transform it into a VoIP gateway eliminating the cost of buying expensive equipment.

Some features and services of EZway 2010 are:

  •      • Act as an Interface between the PSTN network and a VoIP network.
  •      • Provide a traditional analog interface to a VoIP network.
  •      • Provide a digital PBX interface to a VoIP network
  •      • Perform the gate-keeping functions (Call Admission Control and bandwidth         management) as well as the analog-to-digital conversion

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