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The emergence of large global telecom networks with excess bandwidth, along with an abundance of low-cost, skilled talent pools and collaborative IT platforms for documents and workflow management have unleashed the power of off shoring. Offshoring can then be managed through the setting up of captive units, a Joint Venture (JV) with a local partner or through a Build Oprate Transfer (BOT) operation.

Our clients have realized significant cost benefits by using our Offsourcing methodology, which uses a combination of both onsite and offshore teams. Global Data Mart Technologies executes this mission from any of its software centers, with the onsite team complementing the offshore center with project coordination.

Some of the advantages of the Offshore methodology are:

  •      • Long-term, high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive service.
  •      • Lower costs – a reduction of 30% in IT outlays.
  •      • Dedicated to a single customer – includes process, project and people management.
  •      • Customer-specific environment, processes, confidentiality and security norms.
  •      • Customer-trained pool of engineers – knowledgebase retained.
  •      • Shorten elapsed time due to time differences – significantly reduces the time to market         for the customer.
  •      • Enhances development capacity of customer, minimizes and substantially reduces risk.

Global Data Mart outsourcing methodology consists of the following steps:

  •      • Systems Assessment: Conduct a full assessment, grouping all systems by business         processes and identifying any redundancies
  •      • Identify Requirements: Document the technology base that is necessary to support the         business today and in the future
  •      • Build Knowledge Base: Codify the knowledge base of the technology, analyze how it         supports the organization’s business processes, and publish the knowledge base to the         organization using the web
  •      • Program Plan: Build and execute the onsite/offshore program plan
  •      • Change Management: Help the organization plan, acclimate, and understand the         impacts of changing business processes and IT operations
  •      • Consolidate Resources: Converge systems using the onsite/offshore model
  •      • Execute: Deliver application and infrastructure management; research, document, and         publish; and outsource new business processes
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