Global Data Mart Inc. is a global Information Technology firm providing innovative and robust end-to-end solutions. We are passionate about transforming the way business gets done. With a unique combination of strategic thinking, creativity, and technological expertise, we design and build powerful Information Technology solutions. Global Data Mart merges these competencies with unmatched speed-to-market — the result is eTransformation.

Global Data Mart stands out from the competition in several areas, namely in the superior experience of our consulting practice, IT Training and eBusiness services groups. The highest levels of passion and talent are assembled at Global Data Mart, providing a breadth and depth of knowledge, which has proved critical to our clients successes.

Global Data Mart provides IT Training and computer education in almost all programming, software and networking applications. It distinguishes itself from others through a quality of education, engineered by a dexterous mix of established teaching ideologies, modern methodologies and technically qualified instructors. GDM’s methodologies make learning an enjoyable as well as a rewarding experience. GDM always emphasizes on excellence.

Global Data Mart perceive technology with high spirit. Technology in mind and the enthusiasm in heart is what we mean by Global Data Mart.

Global Data Mart’s suite of expert solution capabilities provide businesses with seamless innovative strategies in order to remedy organizational infrastructure challenges and resolve the many obstacles businesses face today in attempting to channel information from non-compatible systems and programs.

Global Data Mart is headquartered in New Jersey and has branch locations in New York, and offshore center in Hyderabad, India.

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5001 Hadley Rd, Suite 205
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Ph: +1-855-5GDMINC

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